Obama t-shirt round-up

Quick, only three more weeks to participate in the juggernaut that is the black market Obama-merchandise economy.  I would really love to see the figures of how many people are making bank on Barack puns and Shepard Fairy knock-offs.  Below are our top ten favorite Obama shirts that are making people rich on Ebay.  Still waiting on a shirt featuring Tupac and Biggie in the sky, embracing, and giving a thumbs-up to Obama below.  It’s a classic in the waiting.  

 Oh hell yeah. I heard that on election night, Obama’s gonna ride in on a floating skateboard and then everyone’s going to look under their couches and we’ll all have floating skateboards, courtesy of Oprah. And the future. 

Ok. 1) The software that came with your digital camera is supposed to create photo borders that say things like “Hey Grandma,” or “Beach Vacation 08!!!”  2) It’s funny now, but when that bloody-faced kid with his white-entitlement anger graduates from home school, watch out, America.

Really?  So, what, your racist ass can enjoy Obama’s policies in a nation led by white people? Or is it because Obama’s health plan isn’t universal enough?


This is adorable. I don’t even have anything funny to say about it. Did his grandma make this?  And peep that, no restrictions!  That’s right.

So obvious, but sooo good.  Seriously, when did the GOP start recruiting clever, graphic design college students?

OMG! I really hope this isn’t photoshopped! (but I’m sure it is.)  Either way, we can only hope in thirty years kids will be rockin’ Obama’s face on shirts from Hot Topic.

This one’s got me all conflicted.  At first I’m all like, in your face McCain.  But then I remember this is based on some seriously homophobic Nike ads.


So, there is an amazing quantity of airbrushed Obama shirts on Ebay.  And this, my friends, is the best one.

S-O-C-K I-T 2 ME. Lots of hope shirt designs, this one wins for its brevity: you got hope, terrorist fist jabs, and youth vote appeal all in one shirt. BAM!

I’m so glad we finally have a presidential candidate who’s name is conducive to puns. And unlike “Barack to the Future,” this one has the added benefit of having nothing at all to do with the Obama campaign’s message or branding. It exists for the simple joy of the pun. I could do without the creepy floating head, though. Maybe they are confused about the meaning of “visual pun”?


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